17 Benefits of Shea-Mergency Butter Blends

It's quite amazing that one product can do so much, but that is the beauty of natural products. They are divinely created for our good! Shea-Mergency desires to obtain these results as natural as we possibly can. We want to see your skin stay in optimal condition for many manyyears to come! Enjoy healthy, moisturized and nourished skin with Shea-Mergency!

Shea-Mergency to the Resuce!

1. Relieves extremely dry, cracked, peeling skin

2. Natural Hair Conditioner

3. Rich in Vitamins A, E, & F

4. Calms irritated skin!!

5. Anti-Inflammatory for skin

6. Relieves Sunburn

7. Fades dark marks and scars

8. Moisturizing & Emollient

9. Restores skin Elasticity

10. Protects skin against free radicals

11. Combats Eczema & Psoriasis

12. Deeply Penetrates the epidermis!

13. Softens skin!

14. Prevents bumps after shaving.

15. Promotes healing of skin burns

16. Natural SPF

17. Helps prevent & fade stretch marks

Apply, sparingly, to dry skin. Overtime you will notice the benefits so much that you will forget that your skin troubles ever existed!