Rapid Boil Relief!

I sympathize with you all that suffer from boils. BUT I am thankful to God that He blessed me with something that can provide expedient relief!!
Her boil presented with pain & tenderness. Normally it would take days for it to come to a head. And when it would it would drain and wilt her skin around it. (She manually pops...she's a "popper" lol). Nevertheless, the infection would take a while to drain and sometimes come back with another boil!
As you can see..the pus is very concentrated. It drained in one setting and left an open wound.
She packed the wound with Shea 10 & Boil Balm...covered with a guaze until later.
When she returned home the wound was closing!!!! 😁😁💃
There is still some tenderness, but Boil Balm offers relief from pain also!
If you suffer from skin issues we've got you covered!
We Love the Skin You're In!! ❤

boil balm progression.jpg
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